Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do you REALLY remember?


How many of you can honestly say the feelings that were fresh in your blood 6 years ago today are just as fresh as they are this moment. This moment is when one of the planes hit the WTC. Where were you? What were you doing? How did you feel? I had a friend tell me in a few years everything will be back the way it was before. Maybe he was right... In Some. Some people are so angered by our War on Terror that they forgot about the terror that made us come together probably in the most patriotic acts of our time or history itself. Where people that were once enemies would hug or strangers would help each other anyway they could... even in what is percieved as violent New York City. I say that Bush didn't take advantage of our patriotism to send us into war. I say he is a simple man that was just elected president and he acted on impulse. He had to protect us. Like a father would do with his children you can't think you have to just step up! If Bush acted in haste then what about all the troops that ran to the recruitment offices to sign up to protect us too? You know I was one of them. I wanted to be in the Navy. Have you honestly forgotten about how the children are affected? Not only the children of the families that were killed in 9/11, but the troops that have been killed, how about the average child who's entire life has changed over a few plane crashes... My friend's little boy why when they crossed a bridge leaving NYC why there were soldiers with guns. Terrifying at the thought of having a constant reminder of terror. How is that no different than the middle east? A very close friend of mine lost her friend that day in New York City. I've lost two friends in this war. I am pleading that my husband and his son stay safe as well as our friends that are deployed. The day of Terror is still fresh in my mind but so is the War... Since I have to live it daily. I think that is a neccessary evil.
Did you see the marine poet I sent a few weeks ago? Did you listen? Its not propaganda its from heart, In cse you missed it.... remind yourself  Bad Ass Marine

how you felt 6 years ago from this moment in time. 6 years ago... at 8:37 am we didn't the magnitude of Terror what was to become.

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