Saturday, September 15, 2007

Horoscope Aries is so me!

March 21 - April 19
Don't be too surprised if you get upset at the smallest provocations today -- it's just where you're mood is taking you. It may be a good idea to retreat just a little and see if you can deal with it on your own.
April 20 - May 20
Today, your mind is on mergers of all kinds, from business to marriage. It may be that you need to jump in now, or perhaps it's time for a frank evaluation of one you're already immersed within.
May 21 - June 21
You've been running at quite a bit lately, so now it's time to slow down and let life move at its own pace for a while. You should get quite a bit out of a day or two of rest and contemplation.
June 22 - July 22
You need to slow down a bit and use your best judgment when confronted with new arrangements of any kind. Your instincts are strong right now, but they may be crowded out by too much information.

July 23 - August 22
You've got plenty going on right now and that means someone close is going to have to wait before they get your full attention. Be nice about it, of course, but make sure that you are also firm.
August 23 - September 22
Now is the perfect time for a reality check. You can tell what's what and it could be that one or more of your goals need a bit of adjustment to bring them back in line with the world as it is.
September 23 - October 22
Shopping or collecting would scratch an itch you might not even have known you had. There's no need to break the bank, of course, but you should poke around until you find something that you love.
October 23 - November 21
You are filled with positive energy and ought to be able to push yourself in a new direction that you've been itching to try. It's a great day for surprises and making the most of what you've already got!

November 22 - December 21
You need to recharge your emotional batteries and it's a great time to close your office or bedroom door for a while and just sink into solitude. The mood shouldn't last for very long if you treat it right!
December 22 - January 19
You can take advantage of the day's energy by getting yourself and your family organized. Some of them might not be up for the rigor, but you can push them a little without any serious consequences.
January 20 - February 18
It's one of those days when it seems like everyone wants to know your deepest secrets, but you don't have to tell all. Make sure to be polite, but it might be a good idea to turn the phone off for a while.
February 19 - March 20
Work is more fraught with peril than usual, though you've got the intuitive chops to deal with it as long as you keep your eyes open! Everyone seems to be looking out only for themselves, unfortunately.

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