Thursday, September 13, 2007

Does the Chaos End?

As many of you know I wasn't home more than 30 minutes at a time on Tuesday. You can read about it in my blog if your interested. Then yesterday I planned on taking the day to be at home but my friend was sick a fellow Army Wife and I was a little worried about her on Tuesday when she almost passed out on us. Her cousin is there but her cousin couldn't really handle her boys so I decided to go in for back up. So Yesterday I didn't get home till 8 PM. Then what do I come home to? AOL crashed. I have ghost mail. So to save the mail I have missed this week I uploaded it to Incredimail. So I had to sort through it and tried to save what was important. Matter of fact I still have it all for now in my deleted mail folder what I did delete. I will go through and see if anything is marked for me. But if I missed something please forgive me. I am so overwhelmed I took Skylar to respite care cause my husband begged me. I could get my crap together and maybe enjoy a bath for the first time in a long time. Skylar & I both feel not so happy about the situation though. She got a little shy and she is never shy. So I am going to try and fix AOL, do some laundry, Take my bath.. At 1:30 I gotta go pick up Skylar & take James to work at 2.

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Trenting said...

Hopefully you get a much needed break soon, I forgot to make a birthday treat for my son to take to school today, I woke him, and he came downstairs like "Mommy, did you make my treat to take to school today?" My jaw dropped.. I forgot :(
Thankfully I have a fabulous mom that covered my ass on this one..