Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Chaos doesn't end yet...

Yesterday I didn't feel well. I had a bad sinus headache and we had a tropical depression right over us. It poured most of the morning and I wasn't going to go out while it was raining. I felt so much pressure under my eyes, on the back of my head and in my shoulders. When the rain subsided my headache was better. I needed to go out at least to the Commissary and get coke. Truthfully now I think about it I could have just gone to the shoppette. LOL. I called Jess a few times with no answer. I really wanted Camy with me. The parking lot was crowded and they take up most of the parking lot with a tent sale. Bulk item type stuff. I park. I go into the tent get a few things since I am trying to save every dime. I take my purchases back to the car and then go into the commissary and do the rest of my shopping there. I didn't feel good in the commissary either..I come out and a person parked beside me driving a Lincoln Town car got in their car next to me being smart I let them pull out and pass me first so I had a better view. When I back out I wanted to becareful not to hit the tent. I see a tree, a white vehicle and pedestrians walking toward me. I saw the eclipse in the parking spot next to where mine was and I was thinking Oh God I am barely going to miss this car. WRONG I scraped the paint off of her bumper. I was a mess. I grabbed some stranger out of his truck and told him to move my car back into the spot that I had left. He must have thought I was crazy LOL but he was a good samaritan anyways I didn't want to leave my car there... maybe I should have? I ask another lady to call the license plate in (she was a bagger) and call the MP's but she wouldn't so I went inside to the customer service desk and thats where my good samaritan was. Already reporting my accident and he pointed me out and I told them. I went back out to my car finally and the lady who I hit her parked car was by her car now. She was in the tent I guess. Her mother who was shopping in the commissary had heard that the owner of the Eclipse was being paged. I was amazed anyone heard the page. So I called Jess again. She answered this time and she let Skylar sit her van so Skylar wouldn't freak out. Thinking back now that was a life saver because Skylar would have been bugging me and not letting me talk to the MP's. I was having a hard enough time keep my cool on my own. I have a very low threshold for stress. Camy kept coming over to check on me and everyone was being nice. So we got all the police report and insurance stuff taken care of. I eventually got a hold of Rick. He was fine as I expected him to be. I was more disappointed in myself. Camy took me home in my car I wanted to get back up on that horse again but everyone told me my nerves weren't too hot WHICH I knew lol. Still on and off the phone with Rick. Just a mess. Still hours later my heart was still pounding. I finally decided to call the insurance company. They wanted to verify information. They said is your address #### Noah's Ark Road.. I said um no what city? They said Jonesboro. I was like No thats my mother's address from like 10 years ago it doesn't even exist anymore. Everything else was correct. I called Rick I said something is terribly wrong I just know it there is like a 1% chance for any reason my name is connected to that address. We were discussing reasons and options. It still didn't settle me. It didn't seem to be a conscience. I called back and was just asking about that information. He said well is your mother's name Eillen Montgomery. I was like NO. Well James Stevens he said? I said yeah thats my step son, Alex, Yup thats my other step son. Ok he said maybe Eillen Montgomery is something related to your husband. I said I don't think so neither name has ever came up. So I called Rick back again to check. Then Rick called the insurance company. They then said my "Adopted" Mother's name... Ok so how does all this fit... My Adopted Mother's name, My Biological mothers old address and my information. I am still a little uneasy about it.

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