Sunday, September 30, 2007

Abortion Video EDUCATIONAL whether or not your Pro Life or Pro Choice

Unnamed for it had me speechless

This video contains Religous Content


I am not sure what a testimony is... I am not a reglious Holy Roller I guess. I don't pressure people about believing how I believe because I have met very few that do. I don't often talk about my relationship with God maybe because its personal and its private. I think maybe everyone has a different relationship with God. Its a very emotional thing. Thats like someone asking why you love your children or your husband. Could you really explain? I think your faith is the same way.
Anyways in a Mommy Support group the topic of religion got started. I tend to not get started in these but I felt I was called to speak up and this is what I wrote about WHY I believe what I believe. Why I have faith...
My first husband would damn God and Jesus. Everything was God's Fault, Jesus's fault, or MY fault. His Epilepsy, his pain, whatever. He told Mackenzie at 6 months old he was born and he would be raised to Kill Jesus Christ. That literally scared me so bad! I was called a traitor for wanting to read the bible and go to church.
Donnie who was raised catholic and still claims to be but also has atheist views. He would question me as other's have. How can you believe in something that has caused you so much pain? How can you believe in someone that has taken your children from you? How can you believe in someone who has done this? Kills precious babies. My answer?
Because I don't believe the higher being does this. I doubt I can explain to you why I believe in God or have faith blindly but isn't that what faith is? I doubt your going to have an ah ha moment from my explanation. But I have faith and I believe in God even though I too have lost the faith at points, I believe in it because its all I got! Its all that keeps me going, when I hit the rocks. I had faith it was for a reason... When your down to nothing God is up to something... I read on a church sign as I returned from one of my visitations with Mackenzie. That was an ah ha moment for me. I have to have faith that this is for a reason. I have to have faith that God is protecting Mackenzie since I am such a worthless mother I can't protect him myself. I have to have faith that I will see him again. When Skylar had to undergo the surgery in her mouth. I really struggled once again not with trust or faith but just how to give all my concerns to god. I turned to a few people and learned how. Now I am facing the battle again with Rick. I refuse to live my life any other way. Without my faith I have no strength. I love blindly. I believe blindly. I live blindly. If nothing I was taught truly exists and we just all become dust then so be it. At least my faith got me through another beautiful day.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What is your definition of success?

My definition of the success is to feel content in your life in whatever you desire. If your desire is to to have a family, if you have a happy, stable, Healthy Family then that is success. When you achieve a mile stone or a goal you have achieved a certain amount of success. Success isn't about money unless you so desire it. All the Money in the world doesn't mean you achieve success.

Tid Bits

Lately my friend's neighbor who recently got divorced has been hanging out with us wives. I jokingly call him a fellow Army Wife even though he's the one that's a soldier LOL. He's getting out soon... He's a single father to two children he has them full time John Robert 4 and Genesis 3. This week, My friend Jess has her cousin living with her for the past month Camy, her best friend Sarah is down visiting and Jess of course has a father in law to care for, her husband Shane, and her two children Collin 4 and Landon almost 1! The "wives" sit on the back porch and smoke and chat. John who is the recently divorced neighbor tells great stories. He always has us laughing. I have a lot of fun sitting over at Jess's hanging out with Camy, Sarah, Sometimes John *Pictures at the Bottom or Here . I gotta get a real nice pic before everyone leaves :)

Update on YOU

What is there to report between keeping Skylar from driving me insane, going to her gatherings, or going to Jess's see first comment LOL I am not doing well with time management. I had to redo my pictures on myspace because I was getting complaints that I was endangering my soldiers safety so I had to fix some of my pictures so I was reorganizing albums and adding pics and back and forth. I got one profile done and my private (stormyaries) profile I got lost as far as what I had already done and what hasn't been done so I gave up. I made two new tags, Got almost all my laundry done, almost all my dishes done, straightened up the bathroom. Got a nice relaxing bath YAY.

Update on the kid/s

Alexander Christopher

Alex is a pretty good kid. He is 21 years old. He serves in the US Army. He is finishing up his AIT getting ready for his first duty station . He's glad to be out of the house it seems. Although i wish he was more dependable and more loyal to his family. He sent me a text message yesterday that he had small pox Yays! He said exactly Then this morning I checked my email and he says he has "
And in other news, I have Small Pox! Yays! Evidently, one of the things that the Army does for those

who go overseas is give them vaccinations, immunizations, and random infectious diseases. So we pretty

much just stack up those diseases and brag about how many we've been in contact with in the Army thus far.

Right now I have Anthrax, Thyroid Fever, the Flu, and Small Pox. Next Friday I'll be getting one for

Hepatitis A. Gotta catch 'em all!" then "Oh yeah, and I just thought that I'd tell ye, I am officially going to Yongsan in Korea.... so I plan to visit one of y'all (meine bruder) as soon as I graduate from this Chair Force
Pig Hole. Hooah, day long flights (not really).

Also, I saw Resident Evil: Extinction. Kick. Fucking. Ass."

So it could be that Alex is coming home to spend a month before going to Korea. Maybe in that time they can go to their aunts for Thanksgiving or go see their mom. I am sure they will prefer to go see their Aunt Beth but I will leave it up to them.

James Patric

James is almost 20. He's been working at Burger King for a few months now and seems to have real good worth ethic.
The other night on the way home from work he says to me there is a new hire a girl who saw my t-shirt and she says her friend is always talking about it. I said really? He's like yeah I told her it was just a character in a book... sorry I don't know the spelling of the alien dude LOL... Then I told him there was a cute 20 year old working at the PX and he said who cares. I said James, You really don't want to date do you? He said no. I said why not? he said there are so many horror stories about dating and heart breaks. I was like aww... So your not moving ever huh? He's like I didn't say that! I said well you can't live on your own... You don't want to have friendships either so how is that going to work? My conclusion from the conversation is he has severe social anxiety. I told Rick about it and he said he was impressed that James is opening up to me. Only time he opened up to Rick is when shit had already hit the fan and it would still take pressure. So we are at a loss of what to do for James. Well at 5 o'clock (Last Night) or so James said lets go. I am like go where. He says to go get my hair cut. So I took him up to the Target shopping center to get his hair cut. He said no I want to go to a sit down restaurant to eat. I was like by the time you get done eating your not going to be able to get your hair cut. he said well I want to eat. Then Skylar started chiming in that she was hungry. So I drove up the road to see if James could make up his mind what he wanted to eat. He finally decided that he wanted to eat at this unknown restaurant. By this time I was in unfamiliar territory. Trying to stay on the major roads. Rick calls so James is trying to talk to him. I pull over and talk to him he gives me some directions that lead me right into down town Huntsville where they are having this HUGE music festival. So traffic everywhere, blocked off and one way streets. I was a wreck! Considering I was in an unfamiliar area and only have been driving a little over 2 months. So the road rick told me to turn on I knew that road across from it would get me either to home or a more familiar area. He also told James the name of the unknown restaurant that James was craving. He gave me vague directions from FREAKING Kansas like he has any idea where I am going. I got a feeling he was on Google Earth or something LOL. So I go down the more familiar road and find where I am going so I know where I am at. I find the restaurant on my own. James is griping at Skylar during dinner complaining she isn't eating or she's too distracted. I was ready to chew his ass at this point. The only way I knew how to go home was on a 4 lane road that is very narrow. I had to turn left going on this very narrow road. I could barely see where to turn. I was such a wreck. I made it inside the gates relieved but then James needed to go to the PX and I turned in the wrong way! UGH! I couldn't park fast enough!

Mackenzie Robert Taylor

"McKenzie Taylor"

Mackenzie my earth angel. He is seven years old.. Its now been 4 years since I've seen him and 6 years since he was legally kidnapped from my arms.

Jeanette Skylar

Her birthday is in 3 weeks.. WOW my girl will be 5.

She's been taking ballet for 4 weeks now and really hates to be home she always has some place to go and a friend to see! We are still working on some behavior problems but I am sure its just being the fierce 4 year old almost 5 year old she is. In Ballet she is learning position 1-5, How to skip,

With the full weight of the body on the toes and the ball of the foot.

Pas de Bourrée
A traveling step in which the dancer may move in any direction on demi-pointe or on pointe. The calves are held as close together as possible while the dancer executes a series of swift miniature steps.

To rise onto pointe or demi-pointe.

A jump


A pose in which the dancer stands on one leg, with the other leg lifted and the knee bent at approximately 120-degree angle. The lifted leg can be behind (derrière), in front (en avant), or on the side (à la seconde) of the body.

and more, a series of other stretches, positions, etc.

Update on hubby / other half

Rick is still training in Camp its been almost a month since I have seen him. Two months since he's been there. He will be home for a long weekend again soon then goes to Iraq :( He feels so drained and old. He's staying strong as can be expected though. He will be in Iraq for 12 months. He will be home sometime this week so I will start preparing to put myself on hold/no mail in my groups so if I a MIA thats where I am lol... He could be here for a few days up till a week. I won't know/do anything till I know for sure should be Monday. It will be the last time I see him for up to 9 months.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Luck? I don't know anything about luck. I've never banked on it and I'm afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else: hard work — and realizing what is opportunity and what isn't."
– Lucille Ball

If you could choose one tv show to live in which one would it be and why?

Army Wives of course because I already live the life. There is just as much drama on RSA as there is on the show. I would love those friends to lean on and the wise Officers Wives to guide me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Do you really think you had a bad day?

When a soldier comes home, he finds it hard....
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket listen to his son whine about being bored.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket keep a straight face when people complain about potholes.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be tolerant of people who complain about the hassle of getting ready for work.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be understanding when a co-worker complains about a bad night's sleep.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be silent when people pray to God for a new car.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket control his panic when his wife tells him he needs to drive slower.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
…to be compassionate when a businessman expresses a fear of flying.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be grateful that he fights for the freedom of speech.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket keep from laughing when anxious parents say they're afraid to send their kids off to summer camp.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket keep from ridiculing someone who complains about hot weather.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket control his frustration when a colleague gripes about his coffee being cold.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket remain calm when his daughter complains about having to walk the dog.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be civil to people who complain about their jobs.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket just walk away when someone says they only get two weeks of vacation a year.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be happy for a friend's new hot tub.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket be forgiving when someone says how hard it is to have a new baby in the house.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
...not to punch a wall when someone says we should pull out immediately
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The only thing harder than being a Soldier...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Is loving one.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, September 21, 2007

Semi Finalist

You know I have become addicted to having you here.
I have become addicted to feeling your touch.
I am addicted to your scent.
You know the way you put your spell on me to keep me.
I am sitting here wishing that you were the one addicted to
Needing my scent like a primal animal goes for prey.
Can't you be addicted to my taste?
The way I long to taste you.
You give me just a taste of you to keep me addicted
Addicted to you.
Wishing you were addicted to me

Kristy Stevens
Was chosen as a semi finalist in & will be published in "Immortal Words"

When I think of you

When I think of you finding words to say.
Searching for pictures that don't exist
and the essence of you in my life
I feel a sheet of sadness over me.
unexplained sadness...

Is it fate the insanity that won't let me
let this go.

All this disappears when you consume me.
Memories of you haunt my dreams.

So all I am left with are memories,
Me searching for pictures that don't exist
searching for the right thing to say.
and this unexplained sadness.

Next time perhaps we chase the moonlight.

KLM 4-30-06

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to Deal with Deployment


- Make Friends on base

- Shy? well join a site like this to help you.

- Myspace helps waste ALOT of time ha.

-Talk to other woman on base, be friendly.

- Family is always a good thing, call them daily.

- If you have kids make mommy dates.


- Email Family & Friends & your Loved One.

- Write letters to your loved one daily.

Question of the Day

If people post then I will continue doing this

What do you spend most of your money on?

My answer Bills of course

You Might be a Military Spouse

You might be a military spouse....

If you know what an LES is and can read it.

If you know "going to the commissary" means the same as "going to the grocery store".

If you've ever stood way down the dairy section aisle of the commissary waiting to be checked out by a cashier.
(This usually happens on paydays.)

If you're broke by around the 12th and 27th of every month.

If you spend at least one day a week sleeping by yourself.

If that one day a week is no big deal to you.

If one week or one month away from your spouse is no big deal either.

If you spend more time with your neighbors than your spouse or have ever felt "married" to one or more of your friends.

If you've ever checked your email multiple times a day in hopes your spouse has written you and know how horrible email being "down" is.

If the thought of another deployment makes you cringe.

If you've ever stood helpless while your kids cry for Daddy (or Mommy), wishing you could tell them it wouldn't be long but knowing it's not true...and ended up crying with them.

If "sleeping with another man" means letting your son sleep with you while Daddy's gone.

If you've ever felt a twinge of jealousy seeing a couple enjoy each other's company in public somewhere while your spouse was gone.

If, upon hearing of a military member's death, you cry for their spouse and children and want to hold your spouse a little tighter or email them if they aren't with you.

If you've had your spouse's picture as the desktop background on your computer so you can feel like they're still with you.

If you've ever talked to that picture, smiled at it, cried to it, and in some weird way felt better afterwards.

If you've ever made a paper chain that was long enough to circle your entire living room (or more) and removed the links one by one down to the Las! T when your spouse was finally coming home.

If you've ever had to add (or remove) links to that chain because the arrival date changed.

If you've ever cried tears of joy at a homecoming...but secretly ached inside knowing the happiness was short-lived and your spouse would be leaving again.

If you've ever felt weird, or almost "wrong", sleeping with your spouse after a long separation (who is this stranger?).

If you know most of your spouse's workmates by their last name only.

If you have a power of attorney, USE it, and freak out when it expires.

If you know that not everyone accepts a power of attorney, despite the fact it gives you permission to practically BE your spouse.

If you've ever argued that fact with someone in person or over the phone and gotten nowhere.

If you've ever informed your spouse of your baby's arrival by sending an American Red Cross.

If you've spent almost all the holidays in any given year without your spouse.

If you've ever avoided touching your spouse until they thoroughly showered off the mace-like product they had sprayed on them during training.

If you accidentally got some on your hand anyway, didn't know it, and rubbed it in your eyes. (OUCH!)

If you know what "leave" is and have looked forward to being able to use it.

If you've ever reassured your spouse while they worried over making rank...telling them everything would be fine either way.

If you've ever celebrated when they made it...but knew you'd have to wait months before seeing the pay raise.

If you have perfected the military cut, even though you have had no previous hair cutting experience.

If you own a sewing machine that's mainly used to sew patches on your spouse's uniforms, and you do it well.

If you've ever stood quietly and proudly on the sidelines while your spouse was recognized for the work they'd done.

If anything on this list made you laugh, cry, or at least nod your head in might be a military spouse!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How did Mother Teresa keep her convent up?

Well laugh all you want I know I am not Mother Teresa. But I mean seriously how did she keep up the convent when she was off saving the world? I have been going going going this week and I haven't gotten behind on laundry but putting it away it got a little out of control LOL. Anyways power went off today YAY Army!! Love Army housing! So I tore apart Skylar's closet and put it back the way it should be (almost I had to improvise). I redid her drawers and I can barely fit everything in there TWO dressers. Now I have to tackle my clothes and both of our floors :)

AIM Horoscope. Look Rick

Waiting for what is yet to come can be more work than dealing with a current situation, yet an immediate solution remains elusive. You wish you could settle your mind, for your nerves are jangled. It may feel as if you have a part to play but haven't been given the script. Flexibility is more important than anything else now. Stay loose and you will be ready for the show when it happens

Rick and I have been discussing something that we may want to happen in the next two years but it can't be done before he gets back. He knows its really troubling me as well as a few other things. How Ironic is this?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Horoscope Aries is so me!

March 21 - April 19
Don't be too surprised if you get upset at the smallest provocations today -- it's just where you're mood is taking you. It may be a good idea to retreat just a little and see if you can deal with it on your own.
April 20 - May 20
Today, your mind is on mergers of all kinds, from business to marriage. It may be that you need to jump in now, or perhaps it's time for a frank evaluation of one you're already immersed within.
May 21 - June 21
You've been running at quite a bit lately, so now it's time to slow down and let life move at its own pace for a while. You should get quite a bit out of a day or two of rest and contemplation.
June 22 - July 22
You need to slow down a bit and use your best judgment when confronted with new arrangements of any kind. Your instincts are strong right now, but they may be crowded out by too much information.

July 23 - August 22
You've got plenty going on right now and that means someone close is going to have to wait before they get your full attention. Be nice about it, of course, but make sure that you are also firm.
August 23 - September 22
Now is the perfect time for a reality check. You can tell what's what and it could be that one or more of your goals need a bit of adjustment to bring them back in line with the world as it is.
September 23 - October 22
Shopping or collecting would scratch an itch you might not even have known you had. There's no need to break the bank, of course, but you should poke around until you find something that you love.
October 23 - November 21
You are filled with positive energy and ought to be able to push yourself in a new direction that you've been itching to try. It's a great day for surprises and making the most of what you've already got!

November 22 - December 21
You need to recharge your emotional batteries and it's a great time to close your office or bedroom door for a while and just sink into solitude. The mood shouldn't last for very long if you treat it right!
December 22 - January 19
You can take advantage of the day's energy by getting yourself and your family organized. Some of them might not be up for the rigor, but you can push them a little without any serious consequences.
January 20 - February 18
It's one of those days when it seems like everyone wants to know your deepest secrets, but you don't have to tell all. Make sure to be polite, but it might be a good idea to turn the phone off for a while.
February 19 - March 20
Work is more fraught with peril than usual, though you've got the intuitive chops to deal with it as long as you keep your eyes open! Everyone seems to be looking out only for themselves, unfortunately.



The Chaos doesn't end yet...

Yesterday I didn't feel well. I had a bad sinus headache and we had a tropical depression right over us. It poured most of the morning and I wasn't going to go out while it was raining. I felt so much pressure under my eyes, on the back of my head and in my shoulders. When the rain subsided my headache was better. I needed to go out at least to the Commissary and get coke. Truthfully now I think about it I could have just gone to the shoppette. LOL. I called Jess a few times with no answer. I really wanted Camy with me. The parking lot was crowded and they take up most of the parking lot with a tent sale. Bulk item type stuff. I park. I go into the tent get a few things since I am trying to save every dime. I take my purchases back to the car and then go into the commissary and do the rest of my shopping there. I didn't feel good in the commissary either..I come out and a person parked beside me driving a Lincoln Town car got in their car next to me being smart I let them pull out and pass me first so I had a better view. When I back out I wanted to becareful not to hit the tent. I see a tree, a white vehicle and pedestrians walking toward me. I saw the eclipse in the parking spot next to where mine was and I was thinking Oh God I am barely going to miss this car. WRONG I scraped the paint off of her bumper. I was a mess. I grabbed some stranger out of his truck and told him to move my car back into the spot that I had left. He must have thought I was crazy LOL but he was a good samaritan anyways I didn't want to leave my car there... maybe I should have? I ask another lady to call the license plate in (she was a bagger) and call the MP's but she wouldn't so I went inside to the customer service desk and thats where my good samaritan was. Already reporting my accident and he pointed me out and I told them. I went back out to my car finally and the lady who I hit her parked car was by her car now. She was in the tent I guess. Her mother who was shopping in the commissary had heard that the owner of the Eclipse was being paged. I was amazed anyone heard the page. So I called Jess again. She answered this time and she let Skylar sit her van so Skylar wouldn't freak out. Thinking back now that was a life saver because Skylar would have been bugging me and not letting me talk to the MP's. I was having a hard enough time keep my cool on my own. I have a very low threshold for stress. Camy kept coming over to check on me and everyone was being nice. So we got all the police report and insurance stuff taken care of. I eventually got a hold of Rick. He was fine as I expected him to be. I was more disappointed in myself. Camy took me home in my car I wanted to get back up on that horse again but everyone told me my nerves weren't too hot WHICH I knew lol. Still on and off the phone with Rick. Just a mess. Still hours later my heart was still pounding. I finally decided to call the insurance company. They wanted to verify information. They said is your address #### Noah's Ark Road.. I said um no what city? They said Jonesboro. I was like No thats my mother's address from like 10 years ago it doesn't even exist anymore. Everything else was correct. I called Rick I said something is terribly wrong I just know it there is like a 1% chance for any reason my name is connected to that address. We were discussing reasons and options. It still didn't settle me. It didn't seem to be a conscience. I called back and was just asking about that information. He said well is your mother's name Eillen Montgomery. I was like NO. Well James Stevens he said? I said yeah thats my step son, Alex, Yup thats my other step son. Ok he said maybe Eillen Montgomery is something related to your husband. I said I don't think so neither name has ever came up. So I called Rick back again to check. Then Rick called the insurance company. They then said my "Adopted" Mother's name... Ok so how does all this fit... My Adopted Mother's name, My Biological mothers old address and my information. I am still a little uneasy about it.

Sponanious Questions Passed through Myspace

I don't know why I posted these here but thats what happens lol

40 of the most spontaneous questions ever

1. Where were you 4 hours ago?
i was sleeping in my bed

2. What do you think of your last kiss?
It was tender

3. Do you kiss a lot of people?

4. Are you wearing socks right now?

5. When was the last time you went out of state?

6. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?

7. What was the last thing you had to drink?

8. What are you wearing right now?
cami, button down, and camo shorts its too cold I have to change

9. What was your last purchase?
something at the commissary

10. Last food you ate?

11. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?

13. Do you have a pet?
I have two cats and a bird

14. What did you do last night?
Stayed at home I was pretty shooken up.

16. If you could be anywhere you want where would it be?
i would be right here with my hubby

17. What is the last thing you purchase online?
address labels

18. One thing you hate about yourself?
i hate how i stress out over EVERYTHING

19. What's your favorite soup?
Chicken Soup

20. Do you miss anyone?
i am always missing someone

21. Last movie you saw?

22. What are your plans for the day?
clean the house and chill, go to Oktoberfest

23. Did you have fun today?
the days just beginning

24. Who is your last text message from?

25. Were you an honor roll student in school?
yes a long long time ago

26. What do you know about the future?
i know for certain i will be with Rick :) i ♥ him

27. Who was the last person you rode in a car with?

29. Do you have a tan?
i did but its fading

30. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
I have our four we are set for life

31. Did you meet anyone new today?

32. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
just my ears

33. Any pets?
see questions 13

34. Do you like hot sauce?

35. What are you doing tomorrow?
i am not sure yet

36. What day is tomorrow?

37. What is your current mood?
i am okay at the moment

38. Do you like someone?
I like most everyone

39. Are you dating someone?
no, im married to someone

40. Why?
because i love him.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Does the Chaos End?

As many of you know I wasn't home more than 30 minutes at a time on Tuesday. You can read about it in my blog if your interested. Then yesterday I planned on taking the day to be at home but my friend was sick a fellow Army Wife and I was a little worried about her on Tuesday when she almost passed out on us. Her cousin is there but her cousin couldn't really handle her boys so I decided to go in for back up. So Yesterday I didn't get home till 8 PM. Then what do I come home to? AOL crashed. I have ghost mail. So to save the mail I have missed this week I uploaded it to Incredimail. So I had to sort through it and tried to save what was important. Matter of fact I still have it all for now in my deleted mail folder what I did delete. I will go through and see if anything is marked for me. But if I missed something please forgive me. I am so overwhelmed I took Skylar to respite care cause my husband begged me. I could get my crap together and maybe enjoy a bath for the first time in a long time. Skylar & I both feel not so happy about the situation though. She got a little shy and she is never shy. So I am going to try and fix AOL, do some laundry, Take my bath.. At 1:30 I gotta go pick up Skylar & take James to work at 2.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yesterday, Today, and ...

Well Yesterday I want to apologize for. Skylar & I got up and we got our showers. she had to be at dance at 10. We left dance and got to playgroup towards the end which is cool because i knew waiting wives wasn't too much longer after playgroup. So I was at dance from 10-11. Playgroup from 11-12 and Waiting Wives Meeting 12-1. Came home changed Skylar out of her ballet clothes and into play clothes she wanted to go to Collins so I drove over to Jess' so she could play with Collin. Collin and Skylar were swimming in their clothes and got wet. So I changed her and put her in Collins clothes LOL Then they decided to get wet again and of course she is freezing so I strip her & put her in my hoodie. I called James and asked if he wanted Chinese and was he paying. I had to recover from my faint (j/k) and went home changed Skylar and myself and we went out for Chinese. I am not familiar with the Chinese restaurants around here. Jess told me about one that was in an area I am familiar with, Rick told me about one that was in the one in the suburb type of Huntsville. So I went to the one Jess told me about first and James wanted a buffet which they didn't have so I got back on the interstate and got off the wrong exit. Was having a little bit of a terrifying challenge driving in the weather. But we made it *sigh* then it was a lot easier coming home even though people drive like mad men! By the time I got home I was exhausted. I tried to get on AOL but if I were to spell a word with double letters like "Well" The second letter wouldn't type and backspace wouldn't work so I gave up and went to bed after I spoke to Rick. I was in such a looooopy mood too! lol I feel bad because I haven't found the energy or time to blog or write Rick daily. The only time I can have the concentration to write is when Skylar is asleep.
Today nothing spectacular happening. I wrote in my blogs, did some laundry, talked to my friend Jess who isn't feeling well and I have to take James and pick him up from work.


Wow so I found quite a bit of blogs basically expressing the same thing as I wrote yesterday. In case you didn't see it here is a direct link to my main blog on blogger."Did you REALLY Remember?" Then there are a few that are let us mourn and move on. To me that's a direct representation of the future of repeating history because we didn't listen to the past. Such as December 7th Pearl Harbor Day and some say thats the reason why we were vulnerable on September 11, 2001. I personally remember and still feel the void today when I looked at disgust of our "Patriotism" when Hurricane Katrina turned two states in the south into a 3rd world country. We didn't have near the Patriotism following the days of the Terrorists attacked on us on 9/11. Ground Zero is all cleaned up ready to rebuild 6 years later but what about the south? Are there still tons of homeless there? Unidentified bodies? parts of cities left in ruins? Is it going to take 6 years to get it to sink in with you? Yes even the Government failed alot in the south.. Its sad. When I still read articles about the troubles hurting the south.

Rick and I had a discussion on the Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Lets not forget that because that was an American that attacked us. What pictures of the 9/11 Attacks stick out in your mind, What about OKC Bombings? & Katrina? Does any one picture stick out in your mind?

This is my 100th Blog Post on This blog

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do you REALLY remember?

How many of you can honestly say the feelings that were fresh in your blood 6 years ago today are just as fresh as they are this moment. This moment is when one of the planes hit the WTC. Where were you? What were you doing? How did you feel? I had a friend tell me in a few years everything will be back the way it was before. Maybe he was right... In Some. Some people are so angered by our War on Terror that they forgot about the terror that made us come together probably in the most patriotic acts of our time or history itself. Where people that were once enemies would hug or strangers would help each other anyway they could... even in what is percieved as violent New York City. I say that Bush didn't take advantage of our patriotism to send us into war. I say he is a simple man that was just elected president and he acted on impulse. He had to protect us. Like a father would do with his children you can't think you have to just step up! If Bush acted in haste then what about all the troops that ran to the recruitment offices to sign up to protect us too? You know I was one of them. I wanted to be in the Navy. Have you honestly forgotten about how the children are affected? Not only the children of the families that were killed in 9/11, but the troops that have been killed, how about the average child who's entire life has changed over a few plane crashes... My friend's little boy why when they crossed a bridge leaving NYC why there were soldiers with guns. Terrifying at the thought of having a constant reminder of terror. How is that no different than the middle east? A very close friend of mine lost her friend that day in New York City. I've lost two friends in this war. I am pleading that my husband and his son stay safe as well as our friends that are deployed. The day of Terror is still fresh in my mind but so is the War... Since I have to live it daily. I think that is a neccessary evil.
Did you see the marine poet I sent a few weeks ago? Did you listen? Its not propaganda its from heart, In cse you missed it.... remind yourself  Bad Ass Marine

how you felt 6 years ago from this moment in time. 6 years ago... at 8:37 am we didn't the magnitude of Terror what was to become.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Love me if you can by Toby Kieth

Sometimes I think that war is necessary. Every night I pray for peace on Earth. I hand out my dollars to the homeless. But believe that every able soul should work. My father gave me my shotgun that I'll hand down to my son, try to teach him everything it means. (chorus) I'm a man of my convictions. Call me wrong, call me right. But I bring my better angels to every fight. You may not like where I'm going, but you sure know where I stand. Hate me if you want to, love me if you can. I stand by my right to speak freely. But I worry 'bout what kids learn from TV. And before all of debatin' turns to angry words and hate, sometimes we should just agree to disagree. And I believe that Jesus looks down here and sees us, and if you ask him he would say (chorus) I'm a man of my convictions. Call me wrong, call me right. But I bring my better angels to every fight. You may not like where I'm going, but you sure know where I stand. Hate me if you want to, love me if you can. (chorus) I'm a man of my convictions. Call me wrong, call me right. But I bring my better angels to every fight. You may not like where I'm going, but you sure know where I stand. Hate me if you want to, love me if you can.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder

Its an as ugly word to me as Cancer. Because its a daily fight for me. No I don't use BPD as a crutch in my opinion. I don't use it as an excuse. For those who don't know BPD is the uncontrollable feeling of being abandoned. Like being sick I have perfectly fine days where it lays low. Then I have ok days where I am just blue and I wouldn't say I feel abandoned. Then I have the purely rotten days where it can be just too much to take. I have always had a unique way of thinking. I have a unique body as well. Yes I am weird I know it LOL. With my uniqueness, I know what's possibly happening in my head and usually I can talk to myself and be ok. If there is something in my daily life that happened. I say to myself Hey is that my BPD kickin in or is it fact. Sometimes I ask for a trusted person's opinion to make sure my thoughts are clouded. Some days BPD is apparent and a little worse where now I have started comparing myself to Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy. I can look back on my day and say wow I was having quite the Meredith day wasn't I? How this relates to the deployment? Well obviously you would assume you would feel somewhat abandoned. Rick & I spoke about this before he left. At the same point my best friend and I stopped talking. We are no longer friends and won't be. So I said to him Well shit this is really going to compound the situation. I have let every tear of mine hit her shoulder for at least 4 years. Rick is very good at understanding my situation. I am thankful for that because Donnie would often say the pain and the BPD was in my head. Even with doctor's diagnosis. Since Rick came home for the weekend and now he's back in MiTT training I am a bit more BPD I am feeling more loneliness and missing him so much more. I still think a psychologist might help but I haven't made the appointment. I guess I will grow and learn to talk my way through it. As I did all along...It has to get worse before it gets better...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thought of the Day

It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out--it's the grain of sand in your shoe.~~Robert Service

Monday, September 3, 2007

Tantric Sex

TRICKS AND TANTRISM :)There are many things you can do to turn a mildly interesting sexual encounter into a deeply satisfactory one. surprise and spontaneity in the form of unexpected sexy kisses in oublic or unusual sexual sex positions can be extremely exciting. tender talk is also a great aphrodiisiac. tell your partner as you make love how attractive you find him/her and how much their smell or taste turns you on. TANTRIC SEX :) The spiritual approach to sex aims to enrich the mind and soul as well as provide extreme sensual pleasure. although tantric touch may feel the same as other forms of touch, there is a different emphasis on how it is given and received. a priority of tantric sex is to prolong sexual arousal. it takes the form of extensive stroking sessions followed by very slow intercourse.1. Lightly stroke each other first, with a circling action and then go up and down. avoid the breast and the genetials (huh? lol). stroke slowly for about 15mins, take a break, then repeat the stroking for another 15mins. later in the evening repeat the stroking for 30mins.2. Lie quietly together closely in the spoons position, but without stimulating each other (if this is too tempting, lie facing each other with foreheads together but bodies not quite touching) haha3. The next day, move onto stroking each other's chest. make light circular movements on the chest or breas. first with hands movin towards each other, then with the action of the hand reversed. 4. Next. move on to the genetials. slowly draw your fingers or hands up from underneath each other's genitals, using very light strokes and working along the length of the penis or up the height of the vulva. also include the testicles, perineum, vagina, labia and clitoris. 5. After an hour of genital stroking take a five minute break. then lie motionless, with the woman on top and the man's penis inside her vagina, until the erection subsides.
From the book : Connoisseur;s Sex Guideby: Anne Hooperhmmm i need your thoughts ladies haha this is like WOW. With the guys being deployed and coming back i dont think anyone could pull this off. but then again we never know. so let me hear your responses to this.


Orgasm provide fantastic sensations. here are a few tips that will make them even better.
10 steps to improve orgasm:1. Delay Climax - the more drawn out the build - up to sex, the more sexual tension there is to release at the time of orgasm, leading to a deeper climax. (il be posting some techniques later).2. Do excercises to develop muscle control so that you can time your climaxes better. these will also increase your chances of experiencing multiple orgasms. (il post a few later too).3. include the prostate gland in your stimulation, either before or during intercourse. 4. stroke and caress the perinuem and testicles sensitivity - they are highly erogenous zones.5. use your imagination : think sexy thoughts, remember sexy sights, and go to places in your mind where you wouldnt dream of going in real life. hmmm6. abstain from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. these can al dull sexual sensation and adversely affect performance. 7. improve penile muscle tone through exercises such as pelvic-floor exercises. (il try to post some later.8. use first class sex lubrication. a lubricated penis instantly becomes more sensitive and receives more pleasurable feeling than a dry one.9. experiment with the pulsar technique, which feels fantastic during ejaculation.10. try climaxing in only one out of three lovemaking sessions - the belief is that in this way you can build up an explosive orgasm and intense sensation.
Orgasm Techniques For Her
Guiding HimEvery woman's sexual response is different, so it's important that the woman guides her partner and communicates how and where she likes to be touched. Extra StimulationSome women require manual stimulation in order to continue to climax during intercourse. the man can reach around and stimulate the clitorios, timing the touch to his thrust.
The Joy Of Vibrators
There are some men and women for whom the combination of masturbation and intercourse either feels uncomfortable or still does not offer enough stimulation. This is where the vibrators come to the rescue. Vibrators are not just for novelty value, for some women they are essential, and can make the difference between experiencing orgasm and never doing so. Vibrators today have travelled a long way from the pink plastic, penis shaped models. you can purchase them in bright jelly colours, in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with a number of special and very pleasing attributes.
The G-spot
The G-spot is a small area on the front wall of the vagina, although it dooesn't appear to be present in all women. When pressed, it is believed to trigger orgasm. It is names after gynaecologist Ernst Grafenburg, who first described it, relating it to the point where the urethra runs closest to the top of the vagina wall. Others think it to be the vestiges of what would have been the prostate gland if the foetus had developed into a boy. Indeed, some women who appear to have a G-spot orgasm appear to ejaculate a thin arc of fluid, when climaxing. The latest theory is that the G- spot is the root of the clitoris - hence its sensitivity.
How To Stimulate The G-spot
Exert a steady pressure with your finger on the spot, pushing for a count of ten, then let go, then press again. it is pressure rather than light stroking that brings on the erotic sensation and can trigger climax. Place your finger inside your vagina and try to reach the far end (this might be very difficult). Reach with the finger towards your abdomen. The G-spot feels like a small bump swelling out of the front wall of the vagina.
Sex For One
Most women love the closeness and fullness they experience during face-to-face intercourse. However, they may not necessarily get intense climaxes this way. Self touch generally offers much longer, stronger, more drawn-out orgasmic experience. It;s a good idea to experience self-stimulation so that you learn your own orgasmic patterns as well as your own erogenous zones. If you know what gives you an orgasm, you can take this information into your relationship and help your man find his way.
From the book : Connoisseurs Sex GuideBy: Anne HooperThis is very interesting but somewhere along it all i got lost lol. i understand some stuff but others its like ummm ok lets try this sometime. i dunno leave your thoughts and comments ladies and gentlemen