Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Do You Let Go?

My Neighbor Leah posts on Xanga. She posted this on her blog. I've been asked myself how do you manage your time between the Mommy Support groups, Emails, Children, Friends and your blogging.. So I want to know from you
Oh and heres Leah's Xanga http://www.xanga.com/Shallbe/612596601/what-do-you-let-go.html

Ok, ladies. Let it spill. I want the truth. What things in your house do you let slide in the name of sanity? I really need to know! You all know that I have self-diagnosed OCD. I can make a mess and let the kids make a mess, but when the activity is over, IT MUST BE PICKED UP IMMEDIATELY! I just have to have my house in order. It's my zen garden. My haven. If my magazines aren't stacked right, or my coffee table isn't cleared of clutter I can't leave the house! Seriously! Rooms have to be picked up, beds made, floor clear, dishes done and put away....things "just so!" But I know something needs to give because I'm not making it anywhere on time these days and I feel like I can't stay on top of it all like I used to! I just don't know what I can let go! My beds HAVE to be made. When I see smears on the mirror, I can't walk by it, I clean it. If there is hair on the bathroom floor, I swiffer it. Dishes HAVE to be done, right!? What do normal people let slide? Is it normal to leave wet clothes in the wash? Does an unvacuummed floor not bother you? Do you leave stuff on your kitchen counter to do later? Do tell.

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aka_Monty said...

I let ALL the housework slide. I'm lazy, I hate housework, and I'm working all the damn time. :)

That's why you never, ever come over without calling first. *teehee*