Saturday, August 18, 2007


~The one thing that you should never live with are regrets~Take your mistakes as lessons learned, but dont dwell upon things that you obviously cant change~Instead just make do withs whats in front of you now, and whats ahead of you ~Remember that your past is your past and its always going to be there, but its always going to be behind you too~The point behind this blog is to let everyone know...yea ive fucked up and done some dumb shit, but who hasnt~And the great thing is that I wouldnt take anything in my past back bc everything that I did was exactly what I wanted at that moment in time and made me happy if even for just a minute~Knowing all this has made me into the person that I am today and I love myself :-)~So keep that in mind the next time you think its cool to talk shit about me or something I did, bc guess what...I dont give a fuck what you or anyone else for that matter thinks of me!~I am my own person, I make mistakes, but unlike you I learn from them and move on!!~This message is for everyone out there who has ever talked shit about me or something that I did (which was none of their fucking business anyways) and decided that I was a horrible person,slut,bitch, or whatever other conclusions they came up with about me ~And one last thing....FUCK YOU bc as far as I can see you a bitch to the weakest link...GOODBYE

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