Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I try to get a bath this morning but my phone is ringing off the hook.
I go to playgroup its a pretty nice time. As much as playgroup can be with those women I don't like. There are three there that are ok though.
I come home and stop by my friend Jess' house I know she's gotta go to the gym but we sit around and smoke and talk a bit. I pull in the drive way and James goes I hope your not home yet but the table in the back yard shattered. What do I put the glass in. I said well in the garage there is an empty box. I go in the house and find the brooms and dust pans. I tell Skylar who is soaking wet from swimming at Jess' to go and get a bath and my phone drops in the toilet. I dig it out frantically since that's my life line to Rick. Its pretty much my life line period. Well it still is on good sign. Oh wait it says battery is dead and I know it isn't. So I put it on the charger and go outside and help James clean up most of the glass from the table. I go inside and my phone is off its not charging. It will let you turn it on and then it dies again. I am in tears. I pay Sprint $65 to send me a new one. Correct that a used phone!! When I got my phone for free @@. Insurance doesn't cover water damage. Why didn't I just run over the sob! The Sprint people were hard enough to deal with. I text Rick through AIM and tell him. He doesn't get them but he calls the house wondering why I'm not answering my cell so I go through the whole god blessed story again. I run some bath water and sit down and the power goes out. So I throw on a night gown and tell James the power is out. My friend across post calls me and asks me if my power is out. I ask her if she can call housing and find out. Well then I get back in the tub and shave and I am like everyone can go to hell I will shave in the dark! I get out of the tub and get dried off the power comes back on, My AOL then proceeds to need to restore a file so I fix it and its STILL not working right and my net took forever to reset too! PS if you are the owner of one of the groups I am in... I have lost tons of mail so any DND's need to be resent to me please... So Tell me about your bad day?

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