Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh boy am I fired up!!
My water heater has been out for over a day and they won't give me a date and time they can come fix it! Watch out they are going to have a very pissed off soldier if he comes home for R&R and can't take his bubble bath!
James I TOLD Him and TOLD him. That he needs to start helping me clean more. He's a lazy SOB. We have no hot water yet he puts dishes in the dish washer and puts the regular dishwater soap in the freaking machine so what does he do. Grab all the towels out of MY bathroom CLEAN towels and puts them on the kitchen floor (this was last night) The floor is still soaked and my towels are still on it! He's been up all night which means he will be asleep all day. Which means I wont' be able to run errands and go shopping (((((I gotta wait on Maintence (why does spell checker not like this word!!) ))) His area of the living room is messy and sloppy. I have no problem cleaning my room, Skylar's room, and the kitchen and dining room. I cleaned my bathroom yesterday. So WHY can't he do something simple like dishes and the living room ...although he needs to take responsibility for a lot more. He's gonna do one load of dishes and say f it I did my house work! I think not. I think evil step mommy just raised his freaking rent! He will start paying for maid service! AND loose his ride to work. His father comes home any day and he better watch out!

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