Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Orleans homeless profess little hope

New Orleans homeless profess little hope<~~ Read the Article.

This article is about the Katrina victims. This article makes me sick that we live in the type of country we do. That the FEMA people threw away tons of GOOD food. They have tons of empty FEMA trailers yet these people are dying out there.

That article makes me sick! I know someone that lives right outside of New Orleans and she says oh everything is back to normal here. Yet I know the condition the 9th ward was left in like a giant landfill. Even the citizens of New Orleans have forgotten their own. That mayor I have no idea how that moron got reelected. Its sad after 9-11 we all came together as a nation and helped one another. Then the Tsunami hit a half a world a way and what did we do rush to help! But if one hits our own country we abandon the people? I cried and cried during the American Idol special on this. I really think these people not only in New Orleans but Mississippi is virtually a forgotten place too. There is still so much destruction. We have third world countries in a country as rich and powerful as this is. Its just damn sad

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