Friday, July 13, 2007

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I haven't spoken to Olenka in a month (a day short) She has replied to emails in Chelley and Denises Mommy Loop. Sent me a private email involving a swap matter in which I let Rick email her the important information just to get a response

In a message dated 6/20/2007 5:59:32 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
..> I originally sent your tracking on the 13th. Keep Track yourself!
I am sorry I actually have a life that is not living in front of the computer! You know Children and a husband to keep! 80) BTW You're wife or you whoever the hell that everyone keeps on fwding me all the shit she is sending them! Geesh I thought we were beyond high school! HMM Wonder who will be the next guy Kristy screws while Rick is away HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I got the answer I needed now Go and actually be a MOM ya know the one that takes care of her child and doesn't sit in front of a Computer all the damn day.... LOSER **** off

I have made it a point not to reply to anything and to a certain point ignore everything she says at least to the point where I try to keep it to myself. Or vent to Rick or someone i know doesn't mind listening. At least I think so. My question is for my True friends who say they care when Olenka spouts her mouth off about Bullshit why doesn't someone tell her to shut up! Stick up for me or something? Why don't my friends say come on just leave her alone.

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