Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Day (or Two) Late a Dollar Short

What a busy weekend I had! Saturday I went to The Bean's 6 year old Birthday Party. Twin Girls that are so sweet! The party was held in their backyard. They had a canopy set up, two pools, a sprinkler and lots of toys for all 20 or so kids and the parents! Ohmigosh it got so hot I was physically sick the rest of the day! It was so wet and muddy from the kids too! But it was a great party and Linda is an awesome hostess :) I just needed the rest of the day to recover.
Sunday evening was my friend's kids party. I didn't know this but she got some bad news before the party. We were eating cake on the floor with the kids and she had tears in her eyes. So we spoke but I just figured she was frustrated. Her and I are alot alike when it comes to how our emotions come out and dealt with. I stepped outside to speak with another friend and she told me the story. I was devastated for her! I spent the next two hours trying to comfort her and be there for her when it was just she shouldn't have to put up a happy face for her kids party. This shouldn't have happened at all (perhaps meant to be though?) Never less I wanted to show a certain SOB who EOD stands for LOL. I come home and text Rick "I'm home" Normally expecting him to call me but he just responded with Hooah! I responded to that with Depressing. I had already spoken to him at the party over the phone about recent events that I had discovered... I got on the computer, watched Rock of love, I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger and I was getting pissed the more I sat on my frustration with Rick being the Typical Male, the more I got pissed. I decided well he's going to call once Army Wives starts and I am not going to speak to him. By this point I was way more emotional than when I left the party. Army Wives starts and who knows their husband (ME!) he calls. I said Army Wives is on... He said ok I will call back at 10. 30 minutes into the show Roxy (my character), Pamela, and Denise's husbands are deployed. I start to feel like my heart stops beating, I can't catch a breath, I am hyperventilating, paralyzed. A very scary feeling. This is all happening as Skylar sleeps soundly beside me. I am shocked I didn't wake her and afraid I would. 10 came so I called him. Amazing he didn't answer his phone.. He always calls me back when he can when he is free of people around him or whatever he is worried about. I'm still pretty upset and still trying to catch my breath. Needless to say he didn't help a whole lot LMAO. I had what I call a stress headache that feels alot like a hangover.
Last night we had this conversation about why I was pissy for two hours on Sunday Night
Me: So I still would like to know where you were the two hours you were MIA? I got home at 7 told you I was home and you didn't call till 9.
Him: I was probably on the computer waiting for you.
Me: I was on the computer what else would I do when I walk in the door (ok a little bit of a bad confession there just ignore it and move on LOL) You were talking to that girl from yahoo weren't you? (Indeed I do not know if it was over messenger or on the phone)
Him: No I was waiting for you (translation he was either engrossed in a game or talking to the girl)
Me: That's my story and I am sticking to it. Then I said something like I know you were thinking like a male and alot of times males don't think with the half a brain god gave them
Him: Its Scientific fact we need blood to go to two of our heads and usually its just goes south (some crazy bs like that) LOL
Me: Well if that becomes and issue I can be sure to eliminate that head down south.
Him: Hm well on that note I am going to bed
Me: Fine I will tease you by text message every 15 minutes until I go to bed.

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