Friday, August 31, 2007


Divorce hurts yall. Don't do it! Unless you can honestly outweight the safety and security of you or your kids then its just a crock of $$$$! I would like to survey all of my divorced friends and ask them was it the honest to God best thing in their lives. I know looking back at my first husband and I...I wished things would have been differently. It wouldn't change anything that I feel for Rick. It wouldn't have changed Adam's fate either. I just wished I would have handled things differently. Yes my marriage would have probably ended the same way since Mackenzie & I were abused and neglected. But all Adam needed was help. All I needed was to handle things more maturely. That way I know in my conscience that I did my part. That I did what was right. You make marriage vows for a reason for better or worse till death do you part. I am serious guys! In the short term you think. I can't just work this out. I can't get through this. But I think in the long term you look back and say did I handle it the way I vowed too?
Anyways my prayers are with those who've gotten a divorce whether there is regret or not. My prayers are with those who are going through a divorce that there is healing in your future. I know I have an interesting outlook on things due to the things I have seen..

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