Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bella's Tid Bits

I sure did get out of the habit of doing these weekly/daily updates. I will get it going again.

update on mommy ~ I think overall I have been good for the past month and several days of not seeing my husband. What can you do though? Its so much easier to just shut down and cry and scream and not breathe... No its easier just to breathe and push and make it through your day. As far as how I am dealing with the home front. Well I keep, I try, to keep track of Skylar's activities she should start creative dance the first of the month. James taking him and picking him up from work. He really doesn't care to get out too often. I am still around my battle buddies a lot sometimes I just stop by to sit and chat and smoke a bit. A different face yanno. Did you see our picture on my private myspace profile? I've gotten lazy when writing Rick I am a bit ashamed. But hopefully I will find the patience to pick it up again. Butch came to visit with his son Bill. Bill and James got along AWESOME they are like two pea's in a pod. Except Bill has had several girlfriends and is a phone addict like most teens. One of my really great friend's is being faced with something devastating and I am trying to gather the strength to comfort her through this. I have been emotional since I got the news. I am even pissy with Rick. I had my second anxiety attack today. Second in my life that is... So I am guessing I will have 13 months full of anxiety attacks to look forward to.
Update on the kids~ Alex I assume had a great birthday wrote us all an email. using his fluent German LOL, and telling us he got so shitfaced he doesn't know if he got married and doesn't know who she is or got elected for office. He was joking of course. James. James has been working quite a bit. Last week when I had my disasters at home he had bought a computer game but didn't have the right hardware on his computer to play it so then he ordered a video card and paid extra to have it overnight ed. It was supposed to arrive the day the table broke, I drowned my phone, etc... But it didn't. He called in sick. Then he felt guilty for calling in sick but in all honesty our day was a mess between everything that happened that day. I took him to the doctor the next day and he had elevated blood pressure, pulse rate and temp. Idk why? I was like boy your NINETEEN! I have had more medical history than most people I know and I haven't had high blood pressure except when I was on birth control... Are you on Birth control? LOL He blamed it on Skylar. Mackenzie I guess my earth angel is starting school again he's in what the second grade now? Geez! Skylar She's alright she's been a little out of control lately with the bugging mommy thing. She woke me up this morning poking at my eyes @@. She of course really enjoyed having Butch around for the evening and a few hours the next day he was here. update on my hubsand ~ He's miserable bored on the weekends and working till late late hours during the week well over 12 hours poor baby. Our loneliness is getting worse and we are getting a bit more annoyed. I will see him in less than a week though HOOAH!
How was your Week? Not much in the way of interesting I guess. I went to Playgroup, Butch came for a visit, I had a birthday party yesterday for my friend Linda's two girls. I have a birthday party today for my friend Ashley's two kids so a busy exhausting weekend. I am broke!

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