Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 3 2007

First blog of August. Rick is thinking of coming home for a weekend. That would be nice I hope it works out. Sorry I haven't blogged much, I've been sick past few nights. One night I was up all night in pain. So nah not much blogging sleep is more important. By the times I get James home from work I am fighting to stay awake. Not safe driving I know but I am doing alright. No one's on the road lol much! I went to the mall with just Skylar & myself. My first off-post trip lol. I bought Rick some Jogging Shorts and a T-shirt to match. He just asked for the shorts I believe he needed them :) I picked up a few other things. Today well this morning Jess calls in a panic. Her Father in law was being disrespectful we will word it that way for now. So she wants to come over thats cool. No one ever comes but she comes over and we hang out for a bit. Even James got off the computer to converse. They had a bonding moment we do believe hehe. Meanwhile Collin and Skylar were into mischief but they did a great job overall themselves. Then we went to lunch at the Blue plate diner. Then came home and brought James to work. Then to the post office to mail off Rick's goodies. I sent him his new Jogging outfit. A Redstone T-shirt I wore with my scent and just to remember what he comes home to. A couple of cards and a MP3 Player cord. Well I hope it was the right cord. For the second time I tried to mail of Alex's package and forgot his zip. UGH Twice! We went to the PX and Commissary for a few neccessities and then I went to Jess's for a few hours to hang out. Went to Walmart to have pictures developed then back home to relax then to pick up James. Tomorrow is a waiting wives lunch. I hope my friend Jessica goes. Ah so busy weekend. Oh yeah and I am feeling better and James is getting sick and Rick probably has strep. My poor baby out in the middle of nowhere without me to make him better. I say its Withdrawls from what is called the "Bella Effect"

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The King said...

Great Blog. Thanks to your husband for his service, and indirectly for yours. You guys are appreciated by the vast majority of us. Keep up the writing.