Monday, July 9, 2007

We are Home!

We just got back from Panama City Beach and visiting my family and friends in Georgia. It was a very good trip. Meteorologists predicted it would rain the entire weekend (We left on Thursday) and it didn't rain till Sunday. We arrived in Panama City on Thursday. We visited Tyndall Air Force Base down there. Its a beautiful post much better kept than the majority of RSA. We went to the beach right off of Tyndall. All the shells we found had inhabitants of Hermit Crabs! HEHE! We saw also what appeared to be Dolphins off the bay what a treat, then Rick found a little friend of his own a little white crab. Friday we had the Marriage retreat and the kids sat and were well behaved. We learned a lot in the classes, too. What could be more of a thrill for me than seeing Dolphins in true life form? Almost as exciting? Seeing Jets doing formations over head. I felt like my adopted dad was looking down on me. It was beautiful (VERY LOUD) but beautiful to see the jets! We ate lunch at the Officers Club it was so YUMMY! Better than Army food shhhh! Friday night we were supposed to go on a dinner cruise... but there was an issue with scheduling so we just went to the Steak Pit and went to the Dinner Cruise on Saturday. The Steak pit was ok we got there extra early with another couple we "Bonded" with. Jerry, Brandie and their four kids Dylan, Austin, Mia and Sarah...It was Sarah's first birthday! They are all adorable and Skylar enjoyed playing with Jerry and Brandie's kids so! Dylan kinda became her best bud on the trip. Friday we stayed near the hotel and just let Skylar swim with all the kids that were on the Marriage Retreat. She eventually got the nerve to do stuff the other kids were doing instead of being scared. Saturday we got up early and went to the beach at the state park. The beaches weren't crowed and pretty clean. They were a little pushy about renting the already standing beach chairs. I could understand if the beach was crowded but it wasn't. So we moved to another part of the beach and I sat in the calm water and just dug for shells. Skylar was crazy over the waves she didn't know whether or not to be excited or scared. We all met up for lunch at the Golden Corral. Stuff us silly! lol Then We went to Ripley's Believe it or not since me swimming with Dolphins just wasn't feasible. That's a pretty cool place too! At the end of the museum they have a bridge and all the way around the bridge is lights in a stream and I was carrying Skylar cause she was scared and I started to feel like the bridge was turning over! I was like RICK come get her I am gonna fall LMAO. I made it ok I just couldn't carry Skylar across. Then it took hours to get my brain right again lol. We finally got to go on the dinner cruise. The kids did exceptionally well. There was a band, dinner, dancing, a wedding reception was also on the cruise. Since I was still dizzy from the Ripleys when the boat would rock so would I! I didn't feel so bad Brandie was rocking too! lol We would go out on the deck and it was just an awesome experience! Sunday it was time for the drive home we dreaded. Its so hot and we don't have A/C in our car. We decided to drive up through Georgia. Go visit my mom, and people in Calhoun. We drove through Americus and they had a bad tornado March 1st. We knew something was wrong... All we could remember was the wildfires on the Georgia Florida border. But there was something more because signs were destroyed and signs posted that this was a national disaster area. Lots of damage still! Then we went to Andersonville the city where my mom lives. We went to my moms farm for a little while. Skylar got to see most of the animals. She fed goats, cows and horses! Mom has beautiful animals! Her old Betsy literally licked Skylar and my arms looking for hand outs. She is the fattest roundest cow LMAO. As it started to rain it was time to leave. We went up to the POW Museum and Camp. Andersonville hosts. It also hosts a National Cemetery. I didn't think about it till after we arrived but I was worried about how Rick was taking it all in. He said he needed it and is now enamored by the place. The National Cemetery is impressive, peaceful, beautiful... Rows and rows of headstones dating from people who died at the actual camp, in Civil War Battle up till the Gulf War... Its a shame the rain came in and we couldn't' actually tour the grounds outside of the car. We stopped in Byron for the night. Then Monday morning we headed to Calhoun. We stopped at the Outlet Mall I walked in the shoe store and Tonya's jaw dropped she was happy to see me. She tried to remember everything to catch me up on. Everyone's left out one juicy detail and that's Takila is pregnant and due in a month! Boy does she look ready! Congrats Takila on your baby girl! Hay Hay is engaged woot! Jessica made assistant manager woot woot! Stay off the phone Jessica! Of course Karla is home to stay I hope! Good luck on everything. Takila walked in and was also surprised to see me... I am tempted not to call ahead anymore I would rather see their faces! Tonya and I sat and talked awhile and I walked around Children's Place for a quick sec... I headed to Jennifer's her new house is so big! Skylar thoroughly enjoyed her time with Carri. Zoe omg does that kid grow! She just turned 2 and has bright red hair so long! Around everyone else who can be so loud she sounds like Minnie mouse talking he he! After hanging out with Jennifer and eating lunch it was time to head on home and we arrived here about an hour ago. The animals are happy to see us :) James will be home from work shortly.

The 4th! Oh boy I didn't feel good! I did have a good time over at Jess' house anyway's. of course Jess & Shane was there with their two boys and Bobby too!. Ashley, Kirstie, Genesis and John Robert... John stopped in but was on duty...I invited Jess R. She brought her beautiful little girl Mikayla. What a blast I had to cut out early came home and crashed then we took Skylar to see fireworks right off post. What a surprise we ran into Linda and her twin girls! Skylar had a very good week.

Uploading pictures as soon as Rick gives them to me... Oh and I had to buy a 35 mm disposable Boy Digi has me spoiled!

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