Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Sounds like your busy! Rick had a recheck for his ears in Birmingham. The ear doctor put a piston in his ear to replace something "not working" well months later guess what. Now another part isn't working and there isn't a damn thing they can do until he comes back so you know what. Months and months of driving two hours, waiting 5 hours before even being called, surgery etc for what? NOTHING lmao. Stupid doctors! Anyways we brought James with us because James complains we don't ask him to go anywhere and he mentioned he wanted to eat at a particular restaurant. So rick mapped out Birmingham and mapped out several stores that James would like that have gaming and war gaming things in it. aka totally boring for Skylar and I. First James bitched why would I want hamburgers when I work at burger king well BUTTHEAD you said you wanted it! Then he was pissed cause Skylar was singing to herself and just saying baby over and over again. I told her to stop she wouldn't listen to me either she knew she was grading James' nerves. He decides for some ungodly reason to unbuckle her. She freaked as she always does when you unbuckle her I guess he tried to put it back in and the belt was locked and he turned her seat and she screamed and cried then Rick yelled at her. I made him stop the car and I got out until things calmed down :( James can be so ungrateful. He whined we got to go the water park then when we asked him to go he didn't want to. He whined we got to go to fireworks yet when we ask him he doesn't want to go. I am really just pissed because he would rather get in his computer time before work than spend this week as a family or with his dad EXCEPT going to see Transformers. We came home for a short break and DROPPED James off then went to Sci Quest :)

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