Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Big Day

Hello Everyone,
Well today was the "Big Day" I had to put Rick on a plane to Washington DC.
He starts his training tomorrow. I may get to see him once more before he goes to the sandbox. Here's praying he says don't think positive you will just get disappointed but blah lol I am gonna think that so it won't be so hard. I've shed a few tears. Skylar grasps nothing not even the plane. She's asking a million questions and well James I am just gonna have to keep an eye on him. Have his brother call him to check on him when he can. We come back from the airport and he says ok now its time to fall apart. He says he will be a mess for a few days.
All I am leaning on is my faith, and my true friends.
I heard Jesus Take the Wheel at Soldier Show and it truly does help me cope.
So I think that's why I am holding it so together right now.
"""There are a lot of things to think about, but nothing to worry about." Matt Koepke""
Pictures underneath the tag

Our Build a Bears. I have the bear named Ricky lol and The dog is Skylar's :)
Skylar's dog has Rick's voice in the toe she doesn't know it yet lol

My Army Knight & The Army Knights Princess in their ACU's

My handsome soldier

Gosh seeing his patches and acu's makes me weepy eyed
Handsome smile soldier
My Soldier Crazy Princess doing her salute
He spent all morning finishing his packing.
Saying goodbye with James

saying good bye with Skylar

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Writers Block said...

I love how you are stayiong strong, Lord knows I would be a wreck! I admire that in you.
I love that picture of the two of you at the top in b&w...beautiful!

You take care of yourself and the kids. You have a wonderful family!