Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Day the weeks almost up!

The past two days I've tried to stay at home and just relax. Its not too bad I am not depressed or crying all day like I thought when I would "STOP". Sometimes I do just enjoy sitting around the house. Yesterday I attempted to clean my bedroom but once again it looks like a tornado went through it thanks to "Living in it". I took James to work and picked him up just an average day for us all. I have been having headaches real bad. Stress Headaches? Rick withdrawls hehe? Either way Between Tylenol and Aleve it isn't working. Today I cleaned the kitchen real good some deep cleaning. Went to the Commissary. Mail is slow in the mommy loops today so I got my Moove game reinstalled and I installed SIMS 2 but Skylar isn't letting me do anything. I mean ANYTHING as in not even talk peacefully with Rick. At waiting wives they would talk about not having anything, I don't have that problem I just got concentrate on the one thing I want to concentrate on. A simple rare Telephone conversation. I did however get Rick on the computer for a short time EVEN with Web Cam :) weeeee!! But later he called me and Skylar managed to cut her toe. So then I had gushing blood on both of us and I am shoving the phone @ James to talk to Rick *sad* Yeah I get to talk to him a few times a day, better than nothing. At points it gets real hard and I get real choked up. I am extremely tired for two days now, with the headaches and all. I haven't been writing much on paper or in my blog. Maybe its because nothing out of the oridinary is going on. Hmm. I don't know... Again I can't concentrate on my blog while Skylar is active. She demands ALL of my attention ALL of the time. Its almost 10 PM here and she's still not asleep. At times I need her to need me but when I want a simple phone conversation and sleep lol well I have to sacrafice those times. *sigh* soon I can sleep.

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Anonymous said...

get ready to go through this deployment thing myself. Air Force wife here. I have a blog too.