Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am laughing at myself and James is laughing with me.

Well I am doing fine IMO with this deployment thing. Except I keep loosing things my mind, my debit card, the kitten, my cigerettes and lighter, & my keys. ALL of which have been found! LMAO. I just feel like a putz. It meant alot to me when several army wives told me girl your doing great! Especially those I consider veterans! I ventured out this morning. I went to the PX this morning bought two stamp books. My first time driving off my street without another adult in the car hehe! WOOHOO! Then I found the post office. I sent Rick three things... I sent off photos to those who asked for it. Then took Skylar to playgroup for an hour. I came home. Took James to work. Then drove around the neighbor while Skylar slept in the car and I was listening to music. I came home and Jess called as I was getting out of the car and we went to Walmart. (Thats how I forgot my keys in her car.) I also talked to Suzanne, Cherish and April today! YAY! So its past my bedtime. I had to go pick up James at work, now waiting on Skylar to go to bed so I can call Rick without someone getting in the way.

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