Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deployment Blog Day 2

Sunday, I had to laugh at James. Leaving the airport we got to the first 565 interstate sign and he goes... your doing good, I would have already pulled over and started screaming. HAHA! Sunday Night we got home and then went to Jess'. Ashley and her were heading to the gym. Shane said he would watch Collin, Landon and Skylar. So I went. Jess smoked us on the elipticals. Came home and fixed spaghetti for dinner. Skylar struggled to get settled into bed. Tinker Bell & I were all snuggly. After writing my tiny blog sunday I got into bed and started to watch Army Wives. I thought it was over but dozed off and woke up to the ending blah! Rick's probably gonna have to fight Tinker Bell for his spot in my bed back lol. Monday Jess wanted to go to Shoe Carnival and then she wanted to go to lunch. I lost my debit card UGH! But I found it thank god! So I just grabbed cash and checks and went by the bank. For lunch we ate at Old Hickory House BBQ. Then to Toys R Us to get Collin's bike. Skylar got a laundry room for her doll house and a cheap barbie doll. We came home talked to Rick for a bit then Skylar wanted to go out again. So we went down to Linda's. I drove a whole 4 doors or so down the street haha!. We drove down and Linda was on the phone most of the time. The Girls played well except for Skylar's second Accident for the day. :(
Today I'm gonna clean some more, Call ACS Family Team Building Class is starting tonight. I gotta go find the post office. Rick and I need stamps. James' headlight broke on his bike so that's that!

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