Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Awesomely Bad!

This Morning....Well I went to story time at the on post library. I got a text from Rick that said Guess What? I have bad hearing. I go to the doctor on Monday to see if they will still let me deploy. Ok we knew he had bad hearing he had surgery on May or something to correct it and it didn't work. It got worse.
Lunchtime... I stopped by Jess's for about an hour or two. She fed me some AWESOME homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. We had Salad, Chicken Soup and Cantelope for lunch. OMG YUM!
This afternoon... My account is over drawn and I do good keeping an eye on it. Balancing it on Microsoft Money etc. I went into the PX to grab $8 worth of something (garbage bags, sandwich bags, storage bags.. skylar got an ice cream) lately she has a fixation of putting her mouth on everything so she had her mouth on it. I tried to use my debit card since I forgot I dumped my cash out last night during a panic! It was decline. She made a snide remark about Skylar keeping the ice cream since her mouth had been on it and it was a little open. Ok acceptable I will just pay with my quaters right? I dig up the dollar in my purse to pay for Skylar's ice cream and the damn cashier wouldn't take it saying the freaking ice cream was $2. I said no I specifically checked and the basket is marked $.99 and she was like no just take it. I said well at least take the $1 she said no. I was like Rude bitch!So I went to the ATM in the hall way to see what was wrong or what I could get out of savings. Ok checking was $15 over drawn. Savings account NOT FOUND WTF! I was going home to grab my phone and my cash. We get out to the car and Skylar is having trouble buckling herself in and won't let me help her so I am sitting there in the 100 degree heat for 10 minutes waiting on her to get the seatbelt to work, then pulling out I am creeping back out of my spot and some "disabled veteran" is going 40 in the parking lot almost took the trunk off my car! Ok so anxiety attack right there. I would have probably hyperventilated but I was too pissed at the cashier and wanted to knock her out! lol
The ice cream has melted everywhere. Skylar's covered in chocolate. AND ASLEEP In the car I was like DAMMIT now I can't go back up to the Px. So I run in the house I forgot my phone and I missed two calls from Rick SOB! I grab cigs and my money...He calls the house phone that second. I was like call my cell and hung up so as I am trying to drive and talk (OOPS!) Skylar's alseep I just drove around the block to talk to Rick. I have hell trying to get Skylar out of the car and inside to clean up and go to bed. Sure enough she's wide awake playing in her room. He calls and said he transferred money from his credit card to pay off the over draft and I am bawling I've already fucked things up and I am on day 3!!! I've already disappointed you! I've already let you down!and whatever else I said in my emotional break down ROFL. *sigh* I got $21 cash and a ton of change till pay day lol a week away. He said Its ok baby your doing fine. I wish I was there to hold you. Let me tell you that made everything alright. In the past all I wanted was to be held and told everything would be alright and even if Rick wasn't here to hold me it felt almost as good! Skylar and I had a rock concert with Fergie in the Kitchen. Between Rick's forgiveness and Skylar's sweet singing voice I was alright again. I went back up to the PX and got what I needed. Walked out with a comment card and every intention on reporting bad behavior!

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