Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Talking to our Children about what's in the news?

The groups are busy bustling with news of the Pregnant Ohio woman killed by her Police Officer Boyfriend, A Famous wrestler found dead in his Georgia home in an alleged murder suicide,(new reports said he sufficated his wife and son and hung himself) and of course our Troops. So when our kids are asking questions what do you say? How do you explain to your 5 year old son that his "Hero" is dead and it looks like he killed his son and wife. I was speaking to someone in another group about the topic and I was adamant that my children will not idolize or think any celebrity or someone in the spot light is a hero. That soldiers, EMT's, Police officers, Fire fighters are hero's. Then I bit my lip saying a hero killed his pregnant girlfriend. Some hero? Also its a challenge to reinforce into our children that the bible says though shall not kill and our troops are over there killing and being killed. How do we face that challenge? Or just the fact that at times our Troops are faced with killing innocent children. Who are your kids hero's? When you talk about hero's to your kids what do you talk about?
Pro Wrestler Chris Benoit Found dead with his wife and 7 year old son. 

 Click here: ABC News: Autopsy ID's Body of Pregnant Ohio Woman

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