Friday, June 15, 2007

Surrounded by Love and Peace

Trying to bring out the peaceful and happy side and think postively. I've had alot of Earth Angels in my life I think God brought them to me and they fullfilled their job during the time I need them. I lost two friend this week. One I just don't think is a healthy relationship and the other had to move away. The one who I didn't have a healthy relationship maybe she's one of those Angels she had her presence in my life when I needed her now I don't need her so much (I HOPE!) The one that moved away she's a saint and a blessing for me introducing me to my new life and taking me in her wings. Now the baby birds time to fly. Rick's leaving me soon for a short time compared to a lifetime (THINKING POSTIVE) This little birds gotta learn to fly on her own some. Sure she's gonna have a few crash landings but she can fly! I believe in it! Today I wanted to go for a walk so Rick, Skylar and I went for a short walk. Shorter than planned we stopped near the end of our street. Two people who are in his unit live there. Across the street from each other. One I call her Redstone's Claudia Joy (Army Wives Reference)her husbands been deployed multiple times in their marriage and she just seems to have alot of life experience one to look up to and learn from. Anyways we stopped there. Skylar kept herself occupied with the twin girls her age. I didn't know it then but I needed that conversation with Linda. She aint that old but I betcha she is wise in some ways :C)
Maybe this bird even though she's just stretching her own wings can bring some help to someone else.
So on to this little bird (myself) to stretch her wings. Get to practicing and spread her wings out and fly with just her little shadow following behind :)

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Amy said...

I believe that baby bird is gonna fly like theres no tomorrow. With the help of her friends and "family" she's gonna soar like an eagle who's flown for years. Just remember we're all here for you and if you ever need a shoulder or an ear...I'm here. If need be, i'll help nurse the baby bird til she's able to hold her head high once again and stretch her wings and soar again. Luv ya girl