Friday, June 8, 2007

Prayer List

Everyone's heard of a prayer journal?
Prayer Journaling
Prayer Journal = a spiritual diary. A place to record God’s responses to your requests, thoughts, feelings, and insights. A way of remembering God’s activity in your life; a way of holding yourself accountable to spiritual maturity.

I want to use part of my Blogger and yet I may make a 3rd blogger for the religous aspect. But I would like to take time out and record a list of people in my prayers and thoughts and exactly what the defintion above says to be thankful and remember the goodness in my life.

Starting today Starting with My Prayer list
* I want to say a prayer for a friend who is seemingly just setting herself up for disappointment and in my view a masochist. I pray that her pain is short lived and she finally gets some validity. If not then she can get the help she needs to feel certain about herself and stop hurting herself. Unspoken Prayers for her.
* I pray for the friends and family and my school mates of the lost soldier I know.
* My Friend Christa will be moving in a week. I would like to say safe travels to her family and love being where she is going. She will be missed! Prayers of safety and happiness for them.
* My Friend Racquel living in a new country with new adventures I think its a great opportunity for her and her little one Addison.
* saying a prayer for 3 year old Hutch. Recently diagnosed with Acute Lymph anemia Leukemia. A friend of one of my daughters playmates.
* A Special prayer for my friend Jess who is going through some challenging times and decisions she needs to make in her life and just some things that really get her down sometimes. She's also trying to loose weight. I wish her the best.
* My friend Stephanie. Boy God has really trusted her alot with all he has put on her plate. her second angel Isaiah 2 years old is fighting rare liver cancer called Hepatoblastoma stage IV. She also had preemie twins. Astrid & Alazay. I think they will be ok but Preemies always need lots of prayers and TLC. Its scary for mommies.
* Kristin. She's the closest thing to a saint I probably know. She deserves the world on a platter. Both of her little angels have their life challenges and both prevail with such strength. I am certain they get that from their mother and father. Now Kristin and Peter pray they can add a new baby into their lives.
* Angie & Lindsay. Unspoken Prayers for both.
* My friend Jilly has on going medical problems
* Princess Madison (
* My friend Paula who is an inspiration to me please pray for her medical problems.
As Always Please Keep Our Troops Safe and in Your Prayers (especially mine LOL)
pray for our entire family.
* Pray for the McIntosh Family and Mackenzie always!
* I would like to lift my children up in prayer. To always keep Mackenzie safe and sound and that his momma can see him soon. For Skylar... that she stay just the way she is healthy and safe :C)
* Always remember in prayer all the children that are troubled or even the ones that are safe. The women who are pregnant and the babies they carry and answers they search for.
* All my friends and their families that they stay safe and I praise him for them for I don't know what I would do without my little web network.
* Prayers of everyone that are unspoken and unanswered.

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