Saturday, June 16, 2007

Parents Night Out

Every Month the Child Care on post has Parents Night Out. Rick and I went to go see Spiderman 3. Pretty good movie not one of the best. Of course Venom is one of my favorite bad guys. Bruce Campbell is seemingly the Nerd God. Sam Raimi is probably alot like his brother Ted.. In this movie Sam directed and wrote the screen play and Ted acted. Ted was in SeaQuest DSV and played Nerd 101! LOL So if Bruce Campbell is in every Sam movie at some point my guess is the nerds worship their god lol. Not a bad actor maybe just bad roles?
I did love the effects made me a bit thoughtful of the past.
We went to a bar and I sipped my LIT but didn't drink it like usual because I am so tired. Rick had a craving for ice cream so we brought home Dairy Queen.

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