Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our Misadventures in London... Broil

I had London Broil years ago. Adam's mom said its easy to cook marinate and broil. So we bought some today... I was marinating it and I noticed the sticker said Pot Roast I said hmm. I personally don't like the taste of Pot Roast or texture. Make me Pot Roast I love it... but I just eat the veggies lol. So Rick went to go cook it and I said you got to put it on the broil pan on broil and it cooks in about 15 minutes (according to the sign at the store) Rick then thought the broiler part of the over is the shelf underneath. I said no no no. I had it marinating in a plastic bag but I stuck it in a dish and he was asking if he was supposed to broil it in the dish. I was like noo on the broil pan for 8-10 minutes lol. Well Skylar says Dinner is ready! I go in there and he said he had to finish by nuking it. I thought he meant broccoli so I asked him. He said it wouldn't finish cooking it was read so I stuck it in the microwave. I said no no no you can't nuke uncooked meat. James was to his defense and said he just finished cooking it in the Microwave. I said I heard him James but you can't do that lol. You have to thaw and cook meat at the time recommended or else you get sick. Rick was talking about he still thinks the broil is the self under the oven. James is like NO! lol Then Rick started pointing the finger at me for letting him cook something he never cooked before. I was like Rick I don't feel good! James quickly put back his part of the meet lol. Rick then dumped the meet out lmao.

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