Friday, June 1, 2007

News and New additions

On Wednesday Skylar's New Little Mermaid Bike Was delievered. Rick put it together then off to Birmingham. I didn't sleep well on Tuesdaysand had a realllly long day Wednesday. Wednesday, Rick had a recheck in Birmingham since he had surgery on his ear. They called Tuesday to tell us they needed to move back the appointment 15 minutes. No biggie of course but I knew it was a bad sign. Birmingham is a hour and a half to two hour drive from RSA. We got there 15 minutes early and he signed in. They did not call us back till FIVE o'clock! I was furious. Plus keeping Skylar entertained and just everything wasn't going right! We finally got out of there a little later. Rick's hearing wasn't getting better they cleaned his ears out and its not as clogged but there isn't a huge noticeable difference in his ears. Its going to take three months by that time he will be in Kansas for training *sigh* lovely. I won't get to enjoy it.

Thursday we went with Jess and her boys to the NASA Space and Rocket Museum. That was pretty neat. The Museum for the most part is a waste for the kids since its just a big history lesson but they had rides and different things Skylar was interested in.

Today as in my blog before we went Kitten Hunting and we have a new fur baby. 6 week old Tinkerbell. Her Birthday is April 17th. She's a mostly lovey kitten who just wants to cuddle with Lightening and Lightening hisses and runs away and hides. Lightening is pretty mad at everyone but James and won't let me pet her. She ran into our closet and Tink just sat at the door way and just looked at Lightening like aww I wanna be friends. Lightening just sat back and rumbled. I gave her the new treats. So Lightening will calm down in the next few weeks I don't think she will be mean to Tink though. Tink does seem to be adjusting some what. She likes her bed and right now she is cuddled in my office chair beside me. She is starting to learn the litter box and is chowing down on food. She's skiddish and shy but thats just to learn her place. She will play with Skylar at times but Skylar's very Elimirish.

James working his second day at the on post Burger King. He likes the new kitten and is worried about him over all its a mood change for him Good THINGS!

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