Saturday, June 30, 2007

How was my day?

Well for one I wonder what the heck is going on in London! LOL. For those who haven't heard they found
Glasgow Story Link Two failed Car Bombs in London
Someone mentioned learning how to drive. I am 28 and just now learning how to drive. Given the opportunity should I say. My husband deploys in 21 days and 22 hours so I better know how to drive in the next three weeks. I asked to go Yard Selling this morning and he just kinda was no interested. So I brought it up when someone in the group mentioned it as a good excuse to go driving LMAO. YEAH buddy. Then we passed a dollar general going out of business woot woot! Got gobs of good stuff there. So that was great and came back home to cook lunch then my step son goes to work at 2 then I get to get out of the house again :C)

As for yesterday we went groceries & then came home and relaxed had dinner outside on our porch. I tried to get the animals out in our backyard. My 10 year old Lightening Loves being outside she is prone to eating grass, and just laying out. I brought my Cockatiel's bird cage out so Lily could enjoy some fresh air and decided I might as well clean up around her. So that made her happy. Then our new kitten Tinker bell who is 2 months old didn't like it outside and just squalled. Skylar has a play climby thing out back & a small whale pool. Skylar was playing in her pool and got out to talk to me. Lightening climbed in just to her front paws and drank some water. It started to Thunder so Rick put the Whale thing on top of the Lil Tykes thing. Lightening climbed in the climby thing and was chilling out I took a picture of her on my phone and then she got down. But then she wanted to climb on top of the climby thing and ended up poking holes in the pool silly bad cat!. Lily learned how to open the doors on her cage great! She might end up lunch for one of our two cats!

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