Monday, January 9, 2006

Why Is it

Why is everything my fault no matter what goes wrong in a friendship or anything I do. Donnie tries to turn it around on me. I had a friend April who screwed around on her husband NEVER came to see me I always went to her. I would always take the initiative. She was too busy trying to be 17 again instead of worrying about her four kids. Now how was this my fault? Because I didn't accept her behaviors? Then there was Jennifer from Adairsville who always screwed around on her husband and would tell him she was hanging out with me always using me. THEN had the nerve to flirt with Donnie and both of them were constantly lying. Again I can't accept the behavior why? Brandy... lying enough said..... Now with Jennifer my neighbor I am so sick of being yelled at and taking things out on me. WHO the hell does she think she is! I am OLDER than her too! Yes Jennifer has given me rides and watched Skylar at a time for nothing but we do for them too whether it be when their electricity was turned off we let them hook an extensions cord to our house. I have spent a lot of money on them just out of the goodness of my heart! I think we have been pretty even now a days she hasn't done anything.. no rides no babysitting (even paid she grunted), and no favors. I have asked to borrow movies, burn copies of them whatever and never get anything and they come over here for cigarette's, wanting me to burn music and burn movies for them. I tell Donnie why are you doing favors for them? He brings up what they do for us an doesn't account that I bent over backwards from Skylar's stuff mysteriously appearing over there. Skylar going without a coat or shoes because Jennifer took it upon herself to let Carri use Skylars. YES THERE IS A PROBLEM! Now there is a problem! Multi problems!
1) I am already ill with Jennifer that she thinks she has the right to talk to me the way she does. She kinda tried to blow me off about babysitting Skylar for the ONE day I need her. She got fired from her other job so she does need the money.
2) I would love to know why Donnie takes this side. Why I always do the bad! He once told me I push people away (I had to go to therapy for this one) and he told me I act like this and that's why I don't have friends.

On top of that. I wonder if Donnie and I aren't connected anymore in anyway. He shuts himself off from Skylar and I. He goes to work and then comes home to play Quake or the computer in general. Its old he wont even eat dinner down here and if he does its in the kitchen standing up. I asked him to go with Butch and I to get Skylar's haircut and he didn't want to. I had to go get coca-cola and go see if my idiot boss had posted the schedule. I'm tirrrrrrredddddd! Oh and Skylar waking up in the middle of the night ok she is three years old how many times has he "gotten up" for her?? ONCCCE!!!! I told him I don't know who the hell you think you are God's gift to sleep that you don't have to wake up for your daughter and take care of her needs but its gonna stop. He said I don't and I said well it sure looks like it considering you have only helped me once! Remind me why aren't I single to mingle now?